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Projected SIP returns for various time durations. [ @rate ]
Duration SIP Amount (₹) Future Value (₹)

How to Use the SIP Calculator

This SIP Calculator is a straightforward tool to check the expected returns from your Mutual Funds investments. The SIP calculator requires the SIP amount, duration of SIP investment, and the expected rate of returns as input criteria and shows the Expected Returns and the expected profit earnings at the end of the period.

We have set the default frequency of SIP to weekly. You can choose Monthly and Quarterly investment mode from the dropdown. The expected rate of return is conservatively set to 12%. Users are advised to change the Rate of Return as per the returns of their investment portfolio. As you already know the Rate of Return depends on the Mutual fund Scheme type. Debt mutual funds may give you 8%-10% returns whereas equity mutual funds can give up to 30% returns per annum.

Use this SIP calculator to check the returns in a well-tabular form.